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Customizing: Personalized Insights for Your Skills Development Journey on the SBL Platform.

As a valued paid member of the SBL Platform, the specific skill you choose for your personal and professional growth is of paramount importance. This choice serves as a key indicator, guiding our team to customize the content of your materials with meticulous attention to detail. By doing so, we ensure that the material you receive is not only relevant but also finely tuned to your individual needs and challenges.

This personalized approach ensures that the insights and information provided are uniquely suited to your personal journey and growth. Each piece of content is crafted to resonate deeply with you, enhancing your learning and development in the most effective way.

The SBL Platform distinguishes itself through its recognition and appreciation of each individual’s uniqueness. Our steadfast commitment to individuality ensures that we prioritize personalized attention for everyone.

First-Time Free Membership Enrollment

When you sign up for a BFS membership, you’ll receive an email to confirm your submission. By confirming, you’ll automatically become a lifetime free member of the SBL Platform.

Transition to Paid Membership

Upgrading to any monthly paid membership transitions you from a Free Member to a Paid Member. This allows access to customized content and materials in the Personal Resource Centre (PRC), tailored to your chosen skills.

Subscription Renewal

Upon renewal, you have the option to continue focusing on your current skill or select a new area for development.

Reserving Your Slot

Slots are allocated based on priority, chosen skill, and availability. We aim to assign a PRC slot within five days of your request. A Subscription Fee Payment Link will be sent once your slot is prepared. This process does not apply to members who renew their subscriptions on time.

Returning to Free Membership

If your membership expires, you revert to free membership status.

Monthly Membership and Content

Memberships last 30 days, during which you can select a skill or product to customize your experience, receiving tailored content and resources.

Access for Lapsed Memberships

Former paid members have the opportunity to regain access to their Personal Resource Center (PRC) by renewing any type of membership within a three-month grace period following the expiration of their previous membership. During this time, all their resources and data within the PRC are securely maintained and safeguarded for an additional three months, ensuring continuity and protection of their valuable information even after their initial membership has lapsed.

Providing Detailed Requirements

For a tailored experience, sharing detailed information about your needs enhances the relevance of the content provided.

Seeking Assistance

For any questions or further information about our BFS program, please reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to supporting your journey on the SBL Platform.

These guidelines are designed to enrich your SBL Platform experience, ensuring you receive highly relevant and supportive content for your business, personal, and spiritual development. At Sense Beauty in Life, we value your participation and feedback, continually striving to meet your evolving needs and foster a supportive community.

Basic Fee Structure

What’s Covered?

  • Your membership fee includes access to your Personal Resource Center (PRC).
  • The fee encompasses 7 hours of consulting and support.
  • You get access to a range of online resources, including strategy tools, forms, formats, sheets, and other essential materials.

Calculating Your Hours

How Are Hours Determined?

  • We consider several factors to decide the number of hours allotted:
    • Quality and quantity of services required.
    • How often you need these services.
    • The urgency of your requests.
    • How you utilize the services.
    • The relevance of the services to your needs.
    • Your ongoing relationship with us.
  • These factors also influence decisions about membership approval, continuation, and prioritization.

Value Calculation Accuracy

Understanding Our Pricing Approach

  • Our fee calculations are based on estimated assumptions rather than exact data, as it’s challenging to precisely value this type of service.
  • We aim to provide the most accurate estimations for our services.

The SBL Price Advantage

Why Choose SBL?

  • We’re committed to offering high-quality materials and services at the most affordable prices.
  • Our policy ensures you get the best value for your investment.

Additional Hours

Need More Time?

  • If you require more than the allotted hours, additional time and materials are available for purchase.
  • This option is tailored to your specific needs and usage patterns.

With these guidelines, we strive to make your SBL membership experience transparent, valuable, and tailored to your needs. We’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey to success, happiness and greatness.