Personal Resource Center (PRC) Guidelines

Welcome to your Personal Resource Center (PRC) on the SBL Platform! This is your hub for managing and advancing your learning journey. Let’s make the most of your experience with these easy-to-follow instructions for each section:


Your progress tracker lives here. Prioritize the KSI you’re developing and keep this table up to date. When you master a KSI, change its status from “progressing” to “completed.” Completed KSI move to your ‘Repository,’ where you can revisit and apply everything you’ve learned and achieved through the SBL Platform. Think of it as your personal trophy room of growth and accomplishment.


Consider this your dynamic learning space. It’s where your active learning happens, packed with materials organized for ease of mastery. This section aligns with the competencies you’ve marked as ‘Progressing’ in the ‘Update’ section, ensuring a focused and efficient learning process tailored to your chosen path.


Got questions or need assistance? This is where you can reach out for help. Create a support ticket for any inquiries related to your current learning modules. Our dedicated team will provide support based on your membership level and the specific services you’ve accessed from our platform, ensuring timely and effective assistance.


Your personal knowledge vault. This section houses all the resources and skills you’ve gathered, honed, and developed with the SBL Platform. Organized for easy access, the Repository allows you to leverage your learning long after you’ve completed a module. Accessibility details are outlined under the ‘Accessibility’ headline on this guidelines page, ensuring you know how and when you can tap into your well-earned resources.

Each of these sections is designed to support and enhance your learning experience on the SBL Platform. Dive in, explore, and let’s transform your potential into progress and achievements.