About SBL Platform

The concept of the SBL platform is to help its members lead a meaningful life in an ever-increasing turbulent condition of life. Members should work differently for success, happiness, and greatness by enriching their potential, consisting of their knowledge, skills, intelligence, and virtues.

It is intended to accomplish through a framework and algorithm logically organized to increase their awareness of themselves and where they want to reach and how to get there in the way they wish in their business or career life, family life, and spiritual life. The customized inspirations, reminders, and support of various media from the SBL platform are to help advance in their lives, by making their own decisions about their lives by becoming free from all that stands against the advancement of one’s life’s journey.

We envision global citizens working together for the well-being of human beings and that everyone lives harmoniously. We envision that people must become responsible for what they think, do and say, instead of mimicking and following others blindly

We feel that we must help society and individuals reach the state mentioned in our vision statement. The changing conditions of human life on earth and the increasing tragedies are necessitating people to practice deeper thinking about life. We do this by continuously researching human failures to live like human beings on earth.

Our core values aim to make life’s journey of every member successful, happy, and peaceful with tolerance and greatness by removing hate, selfishness, arrogance, and ignorance, and by the addition of positive life factors. Such a value system is to be learned from families and reflected in the society they represent

We believe that any higher ambition in life cannot be easily achieved, especially when dealing with a world of delusions, distractions, and hatred spread. Therefore, our strategy is to help people learn, practice, and measure their growth through a journey of continuous improvement. This is done by continuously adding strategic tools to our resources.