A Better Starting


In this world of confusion, it is best to set aside some time to observe new things in life. If you are enthusiastic about knowing the SBL concept, framework, and algorithm for success and greatness, first become a registered member, read the eBook, and do the onboarding.

This eBook gives you the basics and guidelines to build a life success algorithm of your own. Apart from taking control of your life instead of leaving it to chance, it also helps to increase your horizons of thinking and having the right perspectives about life, people, your work, family, the world, and above all, The Creator.

An unhealthy lifestyle can cause physical illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, disability, and even for death. If you have an emotional imbalance, your heart and mind will function abnormally. The reality is that to be successful and achieve greatness in life, you don’t have to achieve perfection in life.

The eBook gives you not only the ability to increase your productivity but also the knowledge of how to improve your human qualities to achieve greatness. Balancing your life for its rhythmic journey is another focus area of ‘Sense Beauty in Life, eBook’.

Apart from that, reading this eBook is highly recommended for joining any of the membership levels. It helps to understand the concept, framework, and algorithm of the SBL. Your IRS will be based on the algorithmic life lessons called functions, described in the latest version of the eBook that you read.

Real Life Experiences

I had never realized the reasons behind my life of unhappiness, distress, hastiness, and anxiety. Thanks to the beautiful design of this system in SBL, I now have answers to many unanswered questions I have had throughout my life.

The conflicts I had in the workplace, caused me to go to the wrong places in search of its solutions. It only helped to worsen my situation including in the family. I had lost my focus on everything due to my ignorance of finding the right solutions. Sleepless nights made my physical and mental conditions worse.

The situation analysis method of SBL, directly points to the real problem. I appreciate their logical approach as well as the processes of using specially developed tools for solving problems of various life situations. Now I am on the way to success, by balancing my career life and family life. I am now as happy as I have ever been before.

SBL Combo Member

Only after having joined with SBL’s BIM level, when looking back, did I realize that I too was astray without having a sense of direction for my business. I had been doing everything based on a gut feeling. I never knew how to practice making informed decisions for my business.

Coupled with many other similar issues, the imbalance that happened in the business caused me to incur great losses in my business. 

At the beginning of the support from SBL, when I was told to conduct an audit of my business model and revenue model, I had not thought about how my everyday actions were derailing from the way my business was supposed to run. Their timely guidance and support helped me to solve the issues one by one and gave me the confidence to advance. I am grateful to SBL and pray sincerely to God to bless SBL.

Member, Business In Mercy

I entered into marriage without understanding the real concept of family, kinship, and anything about family life. That created lot of chaos in my married life.

Energize Family Culture Membership gave me hundreds of insights, especially the real value of values, freedom, and virtues to grow every member of a family as global citizens. My loving, but sometimes quarreling husband for no reason, also agrees on the importance of family life education from organizations like SBL.

Parents need to be more serious about learning about family life. Platforms like SBL can help to convert every house into a peaceful home with a culture of its own.

Member, Energize Family Culture

I was enjoying my life by utilizing every opportunity that I got to celebrate a life of fun. In the midst, I tended to go into sadness frequently without identifying the causes. I knew sometimes that my expectations were not meeting the real-life happenings.

My mind was thirsting for calmness by being freed from the mental conflicts of confusion. I was afraid and felt shameful about asking for someone’s help. It was very difficult to find someone who was trustworthy. I strongly believe that it is from the mercy of God that I came to know of the SBL platform. Their very smooth approach to understanding my concerns was consoling to me.

Now, I am a different person. I am very much obliged to SBL, who has helped me to find who I am and made me realize another version of myself. I am mature enough to think about the value of life and to accept all the realities of life. Now I have a feeling that I am not alone and I can at any time ask my mentor, SBL, for any support to advance in my life.

SBL Combo, Final Year Degree Student

There is no one-size-fits-all. Everybody’s situations are different. We will make every effort to assist you with an answer or solution designed and customised holistically when you require it the most. Just because something worked for someone before doesn’t guarantee that it will work again for you. We employ a range of approaches to figure out and fix a problem by avoiding rigidity.



The Almighty God has not created any life without a purpose. With firmness of mind, if you think that it is now time to think about who you are and where you are going, start exploring to find, make, and reflect on yourself to lead a life of purpose. Start to build your algorithm to transform your life and continue your life’s journey with another version of you. On the go, the series of realizations will make your life’s journey not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Why wait any longer or live in confusion? Start the journey and you will be successful. Nobody does things perfectly when they first start. When you start, the tracks in front do not come out with full visibility. They only become clear as we journey towards it. Start building your success algorithm and start living with it. Do not continue to ignore the truths and realities. There may not be a red signal shown before the fall happens.

SBL’s IRS will help you on the go. No business or life can move forward with self-made plans alone. You cannot learn everything from your own experiences. It is an opportunity to learn from those who have gone through worse experiences and overcome difficulties in life. Lessons and guidance from those who have struggled with similar issues to yours are the best ways to solve problems. Those with the capacity and the blessings from God who have gone through similar experiences and subjected them to research can measure the depth of each problem and help others recover from disasters. That is the uniqueness of the SBL platform.

Effective IRS Methodology

We are committed to assisting you through the IRS methodologies, depending on your membership level. When you have enough clarity from the eBook, which explains the algorithmic functions of life lessons to become successful in your personal, professional, and spiritual life, you will find it easier to use the platform.

Your Perspectives Important

The whole world is drastically changing with complexities, challenges, confusion, distractions, and delusions. When interacting for a solution to a problem that a member faces, SBL tries to understand the needs of the member from his or her perspective. We help them expand it further through an organized thinking philosophy and by using analytical tools, enabling them to reach conclusions with more clarity. It also helps to enhance one’s thinking power and decision-making skills.

Worldview Perspectives

Our consultants are multi-faceted people with specialized knowledge and skills. They are selected people who have travelled a long way in their life’s journey and have rich life experiences with practical wisdom. With humanity and charity in their hearts, they are committed, God-fearing people.

Causes and its Effects

Based on the input from your part, various parameters and variables are analyzed before concluding the selection of supporting materials to make your life’s journey enjoyable. The study results of the cause and effect of actions, inactions, and reactions in various life situations will also be taken from our rich databases of resources, for supporting an SBL member.