The 10 days course for life’s game changer

The systematic and sequential approaches of this mini-course will arouse your mind’s logical sense through lots of realizations. You only need to show some courage to start the work, and it will be a game changer in your life’s career.


Why Courage is Needed to Break the JAR

To come out of your JAR trap, you have to train your already-formatted mind with lots of realizations. Doing things differently for different results is not an easy game.

Life’s Challenges

Human life is filled with situations, opportunities, trials, and tribulations. Every life has to undergo ups and downs, successes and failures, joys, and sorrows.

Different people manage these happy, difficult, and challenging circumstances in their lives in various ways. The majority of people do not accept the negative consequences of life, which can take many forms, such as illness, loss, failure, financial difficulties, or relationship problems.

Trials and tribulations are an inherent part of the human experience, and they can be both physical and emotional.  They can be small challenges that people face on a daily basis, or they can be major life-changing events that can have a profound impact on a person’s life.

Take Initiatives

However, it’s important to note that these challenges can also provide opportunities for personal growth, resilience, and learning. By overcoming difficult situations, individuals can develop new skills, perspectives, and coping mechanisms that can help them in the future. While the negative impacts of life can be difficult to navigate, they also offer opportunities for growth and learning.

Resolving Specific Issues (RSI) Requires Skill

Whatever the state of affairs, people must make an effort to either solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. Whether something has a good or bad effect on your life, trying to deal with it without the right knowledge, skills, and intelligence will only make things worse. 

To find, choose, and decide which of the hundreds of life skills to use in a certain situation or state of life requires specialized skills. Breaking the JAR is one of these basic skills that help make a list of Resolving Specific Issues (RSI) based on the nature, situation, and condition of a challenge or opportunity. Selecting and developing the life skills based on such an RSI list will boost your life’s journey to Success, Happiness, and Greatness (SHG).

Breaking the Wall of JAR is Difficult

It is difficult because it is built on so many years of negative but unintentional programming of the mind. People wish for change but will not try to break the JAR due to the uncomfortable experiences they have to go through. Eventually, instead of creating powerful positive impacts in life, they tend to settle into their comfort zones with the same old model of thinking and actions that produce the same old results.

Solve it, relax and say to yourself:

“Mental block removed, and no more justifications, arguments, or rejections against the truths and realities of life.”