Write a blog based on the 3D Impact, as explained in the sample script.



Distractions, delusions, and deceptions all have a significant negative impact on one’s life. Distractions cause people to lose their focus and engage in activities that waste their time, money, and other resources. To succeed in life, a person must focus on their goals. This reminds us that we must have both a goal to achieve and make a continuous effort without losing focus to achieve it.

Delusions are false beliefs or ideas that people hold onto, even when presented with evidence to the contrary. People tend to live in their own bubbles, believing what they want to believe. They ignore the harsh realities of life and cling to their delusions, leading to disappointment and frustration. For instance, people may believe that they will become successful without putting in any effort. Such delusions prevent people from living their lives to the fullest, leading to a miserable life.

Deceptions occur when people are misled or deceived, either by themselves or by others, into believing something that is not true. People tend to have unrealistic expectations without taking action to get results. They forget that life is unpredictable, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. The negative impacts of distractions, delusions, and deceptions lead to anxiety, depression, and stress, making people live miserable lives.

Your blog’s content subject should be any one subject at a time.

Content subjects should be selected out of the hundreds of subjects on the SBL platform only.

While writing, caution should be taken not to divert to any other subject other than the selected one.

Writing should avoid any ambiguity by bringing more clarity to what you are expressing.

You should write about matters as if you were talking to someone you know closely.

Overall, you should highlight a problem and give the appropriate solution through your writing.

Content should be submitted with the proper headlines for each paragraph.

Content should fill and match the SBL blog’s design structure.

The design structure of the SBL blog includes the caption, main headline, excerpt, five sub headlines with their paragraph content, three images, and a conclusion with a Call To Action. Content length should be between 500 and 750 words. There should be 3 to 5 hyperlinks to any of the pages of the SBL platform.

A Sample Selling Strategy

Real human intelligence is required to compete with artificial intelligence.

You need to think differently to go the extra mile. Remember that ChatGPT, Bing, and many other AI-powered systems are becoming smarter. It is accessible to everyone and becoming more common. Therefore, people will not be interested in reading blogs that are not customized. Any effort or task that does not solve a problem will be a waste of time and other resources.

Ask yourself questions as if you were talking to a person. Assume that he is asking a question related to what you have written in that paragraph. This means the reader is asking for details, more clarification, or more information.

Make sure that the reader will benefit from the time spent reading your blog. Try to keep answers and solutions fun and factual. Use your best judgment to make things easy to read, easy to understand, and thought-provoking.